Teknetics T2

Teknetics t2 is designed for coins and relics shooting on land, sand and beaches.This is one of the best produt so far made by teknetics with automatic and manual ground balance system

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


Teknetics T2 Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Teknetics t2 is a multipurpose gold and metal detector. This is an advance level metal detector which operates o induction base technology. T2 gold and metal detector has a automatic and manual ground balance system .This balance system facilitates both beginners and expert metal detectors. They don’t need to adjust anything while experts can adjust it according to their needs.   It is a perfect mix of light weight and balance which makes it easy to use. This is  one of most popular detector used for coin shooting .

Teknetics T2 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Afghanistan

Teknetics T2 works  upto depth of 3 to 4 feet , it has user friendly interface.  It has manual ground cancellation option which helps constant ground monitoring and a bar graph use to show ground mineralization . Double filter discrimination attribute of t2 allows customer to have more focus search and pass up trashy elements.4- AA Battery works more than 40 hours .Teketics gold and metal detector is now deliverable in Afghanistan.


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