Simplex+ is beginner level waterproof detector used for coins and relics detecting with 11 inches coil and has built-in battery

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Simplex+ Gold And Metal  Detectors In Afghanistan

Simplex+ is best metal and gold detectors for beginner because of it easy to use interface. It doesn’t require a lot of understanding or no need to to learn tips and trick for using it.Simplex+ is the product of Nokta Makro that is a trustable brand as it has already introduced a lot of metal detectors that have shown amazing result. It is a waterproof detector which can be used underwater up to the control unit.Simplex+  has one coil of 11 inches which actual depth is 2 feet.

Simplex+ Gold And Metal  Detectors Prices In Kabul

Simplex+ comes with built-in battery and built-in wireless module that is compatible with wireless headphone of 2.4 GHz Green edition of Nokta Makro. It has a variety of search modes that make it useful for detecting unstable or unsuitable ground conditions. Despite weather condition, Simplex+ can be used because of it lightweight as it is easy to carry it along with you. It has an automatic ground balance system. You can adjust volume with the iron volume feature accordingly. It is made in Turkey and has 2 years of warranty. Now free cash on delivery for Metal And Gold Detectors is available in Afghanistan, Kabul.


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