M1 EMF Gradiometer

M1 EMF Gradiometer does not require direction during 3D imaging. It has 7A built-in Lithium battery. It is easy to use.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul

M1 EMF Gradiometer EMI Metal And Gold Detectors In Afghanistan

M1 EMF Gradiometer EMI is a professional treasure hunter as it uses six technologies. This is the first detector that uses six technologies in one product. So it works as EMF and EMI, IB,3D imaging system etc.

M1 EMF Gradiometer EMI Metal And Gold Detectors Prices In Kabul

It clearly views underground tunnels, caves and rooms by the 3D imaging system. All types of metal are analyzed and defined by it. It clearly visualizes objects instead of showing deep layers underground. Now free cash on delivery is available in Afghanistan, Kabul.

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