Jeotech Led System

Jeotech Led System can easily detect deep metal due to it modern design and latest technology.It comes with2 years of warranty.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul

Jeotech Led System Metal And  Gold Detectors In Afghanistan

JEOTECH is the capability to provide easy working conditions in highly mineralized environments. Locate targets underneath stones that contain metal. The revolutionary JEOTECH performs searches deeper than other systems produced for locating single coins. JEOTECH can simultaneously detect cavities such as caves, cellars and tunnels. It will locate precious metals with perfect accuracy.

Jeotech Led System Metal And  Gold Detectors In Kabul

JEOTECH indicates Metal and Cavity detection to the user visually through the LEDs that are on the right and left side of the joystick. It will also produce unique audio tones. Now FREE cash on delivery of  METAL DETECTOR IS AVAILABLE in Afghanistan, Kabul



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