Gold Star GT-18

It is deep seeking detectors with actual depth of 8-10 feet.It is available with 2 coils .Made in Turkey.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


GOLD STAR GT-18 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

Goldstar GT18 is one of the best deep seeking detectors used for detecting large targets and has an advanced pulse system device. It is the choice of an expert because of its accuracy and efficiency in the field. It comes along with a ground balancing system which made it easy to do search work in the mineralized area. Its actual depth range is up to 8 – 10 feet. Through its modes and features, it offers different options. In one of which it discriminates target with sounds and different values. graphic displays are also there. It can scan large areas very easily with large coils.

GOLD STAR GT-18 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

It comes with 2 coils. One of 40-50 inch umbrella and other of the 12-inch coil. It is made in turkey with a 2-year warranty. It detects the gold coin, large metal. It has gold mode available in it which make access to gold target easier. It is easy to use so will not take much time to understand its method of working.


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