Gold Racer

Gold Racer is advanced level high-frequency detectors with digital display used to detect gold nuggets. Their actual depth is up to 1.5 feet.

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Gold Racer Metal And  Gold Detectors In Afghanistan

GOLD RACER is a model of Nokta Makro Detectors work on RACER technology. .Provide advanced level GOLD detecting capabilities. It is Operating at 56 kHz high frequency and is much stable and highly sensitive. It has easy reach for tiny nuggets detections whether the ground field is suitable or not. Gold racer is advanced level gold nuggets detectors. It has a digital display and has a 15-inch coil has a high frequency of 56 kHz for small objects. It actual depth is1.5 feet.

Gold Racer Metal And  Gold Detectors In Kabul

It is made in turkey and has 2 years of warranty. It waterproof search coil made it capable of searching in the wetland as it is already suitable for rock or barren land. So it diversity make it more unique. If you are searching for perfect gold nuggets or tiniest particles detector than GOLD RACER is best choice .you must go for it. Now FREE cash on delivery of Gold Racer METAL DETECTOR IS AVAILABLE in Afghanistan, Kabul.



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