FISHER GOLD BUG DP detector is a multi-purpose machine with excellent gold prospecting capabilities. It comes with a DD search coil of 11 inches.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul

Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal And Gold Detectors In Afghanistan

FISHER GOLD BUG DP is a multi-purpose detector used for several detections that include Gold nuggets, Relic hunting, coin shooting. The operating frequency of it is 19KHz and weight is 2.5 lbs. It comes with a dual headphone jack and it is easy to use and you can carry it easily because of its lighter weight.

Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal And Gold Detectors In Kabul

 FISHER GOLD BUG DP comes with 11 inches DD search coil with gold detecting capabilities. Now cash on delivery of Fisher Gold Bug Pro is available in Afghanistan, Kabul.


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