Fisher F75

Fisher F75 is Gold and Metal detector which is designed for coins and relics  and beach hunting it is a deep hunting metal detector with 2 sides DD coil

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul

Fisher F75 Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Fisher F75 gold and metal detector is a product of Fisher Lab. this metal detector design is  for high depth and larger objects. It has double D search coil which is water proof. This means it can work in wet condition can submersed into water. it can also operate in extreme weather conditions which is not going to affect the performance

Fisher F75 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Kabul

This metal detector is designed for coins and relics hunting, beach hunting and  Gold prospecting. It also has backlight which is used for dark hunting. I also has double filter discrimination mode that works best in trashy areas .it is the lightest weight and has user friendly interface. It also has other products of similar kind which available in our store



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