Fisher F75 LTD

Fisher F75 LtD is designed for deeply embedded coins and relics, beach hunt and gold prospecting. with an 11 inch and 5 inch dd search coil. it comes with double filtration mode

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul

Fisher F75 LTD Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Fisher F75 LTD is an advance version of Fisher F75. this is more versatile and provides greater depth . it has high target accuracy and better audio features than fisher F75, It also has an added feature of adjustable audio in discriminations mode which makes it even easier to separate metal from each other and also trashy elements

Fisher F75 LTD Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Kabul

tThis gold and metal detector is designed to find out deeper materials . it is design for advance level metal detection . its is very user friendly with lightest and best balanced of all high performance metal detectors. It is used for coins and relics hunting and gold prospecting.


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