Fisher F44

Fisher f44 is a weather proof , multipurpose metal detector with accurate target responce and display fisher f4 is used for coins and relics shooting which in now available in Afghanistan

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


Fisher F44 Gold and Metal Detector in Afghanistan

Fisher f44 is a product of fisher lab which is manufactured in usa. Fisher lab products are well known for their high target accuracy and frequency they never miss their target & most famous.They are  best for industrial line. Fisher f44 gold and metal detector is also designed keeping in mind its high target accuracy for coins and relics hunting its a versatile weather proof multipurpose metal detector. It provides two Search modes, 9 levels of screen, depth readout and signal strength indicator.its  large target alert large lcd with 0-99 numeric digits which helps users to discriminate what they have found


Fisher F44 Gold and Metal Detector prices in Kabul, Afghanistan

Fisher f series is designed for beginner level users they also work on beaches and sand with depth of 3 has frequency of 7.69 khz with its water proof 11 inch search coil & 20 levels of adjustable sensitivity and volume. User can set according this to their preferences.

This metal detector is deliverable with a 5 year warranty claim in Afghanistan which means if anything except external damage happens to machine the company will be providing a brand new product to the customer




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