Fisher F22

Fisher f22 is gold/ metal detector is a product of fisher lab which is designed for coins & relics hunting with 19 khz frequency and an 11 inch water proof coil is now available in Afghanistan.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


Fisher F22 Gold and  Metal Detector in Afghanistan

Fisher F22 is a gold detector used to detect coins, relics & artifacts which is designed for beginner level users it is one the lightest weight metal detector so that users can operate it easily and is  also easy to transport .it has  an 11-inch waterproof dd coil which means its coil can be immersed into water.

Fisher F22 Gold and  Metal Detector Prices in Kabul, Afghanistan

It works perfectly both on land and beaches. It also comes with the feature of discrimination and  best isolates b/w waste & iron.Its ground phase value indicates the type of mineralization. The  graph on its display indicates the amount of mineralization which makes the detection process much easier along with its real time balance so that you don’t loose the depth. Depth for fisher F22 gold and metal detector is approx. 3 feet   . it comes with automatic and manual balance system and levels of sensitivity which user can easily customize according to their preferences.


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