Deus 11*13*5

Deus 11+5+13 inch coil is made in France which is an advance level detector it has three coils 11 inch 5 inch and a 3 inch coil . this is highly sensitive detectors with different level of depths.

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


Deus 11+13+5 Gold And Metal Detector in Afghanistan

Deus is an advance level detector which comes with 3 coils of different sizes and cover different depths. It has maximum depth of 6 feet . With this coil detectors the user is not going to miss any particle whether it’s a coins any antique piece or smaller gold nuggets and this possible because of its different sizes of coils.  The five inch coil is use for gold nuggets and works up to depth of 2 feet while the 11 inch coils work for coins  and works up to 5 6 feet depth while the 13 inch coil is design for relics and provide  depth of 5 to 6 feet.

Deus 11+13+5 Gold And Metal Detector Pices in Kabul

Because of its multi function nature it is favorites of the users and tey cant hold themselves but to spend an extra dollar to get this detector. This can work on tracking beach pumping and manual mode  its also come with a usb cable one mini & 3 min plus which is use to update software online. User can set the sensitivity and volume easily through remote control and can monitor the screen. It  has  110 volt power supply battery which works more than 24 hours


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