DEUS 11*13

Deus 11*13 is is more powerful with high target accuracy rate & multi function metal detectors and now is deliverable in Afghanistan by Pakistan detectors Technology

Shipping Cost to Afghanistan, Kabul


DEUS 11*13 Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Deus 11*13 is advance level metal detectors with a wireless and more advance technology which contains a remote headphones and 11*13 coil which is not only used for coin and relics but also detects gold nuggets because of its double 11+13 inch coils which provides it a higher accuracy and also easily discriminate trashes from  target it has 35 frequencies and   provide depth up to 5 to 6 feet its sensitivity can also be adjusted its pure digitalise form allows user to adjust the power, reactivity and target recovery speed to be as fast as they desire.

DEUS 11*13 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Kabul

It is simple to use for beginner levels but also provides features and functionality for experienced detectors they can also customize programs as they desire . the user can use it with or without its weather proof headphones those headphones can be used in extreme weather conditions like raining user can also use tracking pumping and beach mode as they desire.


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