AU Gold Finder

AU Gold Finder is an advanced level gold nuggets detector with an analogue display that make it user friendly. It is a high-frequency detector made in Turkey.

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AU Gold Finder Metal  Detectors In Afghanistan

AU GOLD FINDER is a model of NOKTA METAL DETECTORS that is high-frequency detectors with 56 kHz, that makes it more sensitive. Two search coils that are DD and coils are waterproof which gives a free hand to the user that he can use that coil in a wet area without any damage to coil.AU GOLD FINDER function to detect small to large gold nuggets The AU Gold Finder is guaranteed to find gold if it gold exists in that area. It is made in Turkey and has an analogue display which has three search modes and along with it make a different sound and visual led discrimination for the identification or to differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous found.

AU Gold Finder Metal  Detectors Prices  In Kabul

It is one of best GOLD METAL DETECTOR IN PAKISTAN which you can get at the affordable price. It can easily detect small object present in the mineralized area. It actual depth is 1.5 feet and comes with a warranty of 2 years.AU GOLD FINDER has audio boost switch which weak the signal from the small or deep target. This device is dust and rain resistant so you don’t have to worry about its protection. It is the professional best choice for GOLD NUGGETS. Now free cash on delivery is available in Afghanistan, Kabul


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