PMX Gold


It is deep seeking detectors with actual depth range up to 10-12  feet with three coil. It has 3D graph technology made in Turkey with 2 years of warranty.

PMX Gold Metal And  Gold Detectors In Afghanistan

PMX GOLD is Deep seeking detectors. It actual depth range up to 10-12 feet. It comes with three coils .one is 40-50 inch umbrella coil. Other is 11 inch DD coil and third is an 11-inch mono coil. Now It is most expensive deep seeking detectors is made in turkey and has 2 years of warranty.

PMX Golds Metal And  Golds Detectors In Kabul

The PMX detectors working need to understand a little bit because it differs from other metal detectors. It is a stable device which can work in different unstable ground conditions with full efficiency. Now free cash on delivery is available in Afghanistan, Kabul.

PMX Communities, Inc. is an entrepreneurial company having launched the MGIV gold dispensing terminal in the USA in 2013. The letters “PMX” in our corporate name stand for Precious Metals Exchange and our aim is to facilitate the purchase of investment grade gold via our gold terminals and through our unique line of fine gold products. Our products range from custom 1g to 1oz gold bullion bars and replica coins.

Pak-afghan-detectors is private limited and certified dealers in Afghan. We have delivered metal detectors in Kabul.


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