The impact is advanced level multifrequency detectors with 11-inch coil and has an actual depth range up to 4 feet. It is made in Turkey

Impact Gold And Metal  Detectors In Afghanistan

Impact  Nokta Makro Gold And Metal Detectors are made in Turkey. They are advanced level multifrequency detectors with 11 inches coil and has an actual depth of 4 feet. It modern advanced level design is capable of finding targets like coils and relics on the beach, in saltwater, parks and ancient places. An optional 17 inches coil is also available with it which will increase its depth range from 4 feet.

Impact  Gold And Metal  Detectors Prices  In Kabul

Impact combines multiple detectors in one and is based on cutting edge technology. It is user friendly and easy to understand. It is the best choice of professionals and now it is boosted with 12 features that work so impressively. The impact has  2 years of warranty. Now free cash on delivery for Metal And Gold Detectors is available in Afghanistan, Kabul.


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