DEUS 11*5


Deus 11+5 is wireless is expert detector which is available with two coils an and 11 inch water proof coils for coins and relics and a five inch waterproof smaller coil for gold nuggets detection

DEUS 11*5 Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Deus 11+5  is an advance level metal detector which comes with a wireless headphones. it has two option for operations the first one  custom programming option which is for expert detectors who can customize operations according t their preferences. while the second one is  factory set programing which gives it a very user friendly interface and easy to use for beginner users .

DEUS 11*5 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Kabul

Dues 11*5 provides dual functionality ,  the gold nuggets detection and coins relics & jewelry hunting.  Its weather proof feature and water proof coils adds to its functionality they can be used in wet conditions without effecting the performance of gold and metal detector. This provides 21 frequencies  and  also packed  with USB connection so user can get update software’s online.This is now deliverable Afghanistan by Pakistan Detectors Technology


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