DEUS 11 is a product of XP metal detectors with wireless  and fully telescopic S-shaped deep seeking metal detector with advance level detection  . This comes with a set of wireless headphones coil and remote and is now deliverable in your country, Afghanistan

Deus 11 Gold And Metal Detector In Afghanistan

Deus 11 is product of technological revolution in the world of metal detectors. This needs no more wires they work with wireless headphones and radio links make the communication. This has more target accuracy  and operates on 35 frequency level . They are highly sensitive gold and metal detectors used for coins and relics shooting on beaches land and sand.

Deus 11 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Kabul

The Deus can also provides the facility of notch discrimination and iron level. It has a pre-set factory programmed. It runs 9 switch on and go programs and also has additional memory for personal programmed. they comes with a five year warranty claim any fault except external damages happen to product will be entertained. And exchanged with a brand new product and is know available with its authorize distributors Pakistan  Detectors Technology.

Deus is an advance level detector which comes  with 3 coils of different sizes  and cover different depths the five inch coil is use for gold nuggets  and works up to depth of 2 feet  while the 11 inch coils work for coins  and works up to 5 6 feet depth while the 13 inch coil is design for relic.


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